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December 03, 2003

Interview with Larry, Glenn and Neeru of Creative Commons

I joined an interview session today with Larry Lessig, Glenn Otis Brown, and Neeru Paharia by Rozina Tea Party for Internet Magazine's article on Creative Commons. (yeah, it is a Japanese magazine)


Rozina Tea Party is an ad hoc group who obsessed to copyright law (and other laws maybe), running an email list and occasional face to face meetings. Prof. Shirata of Housei Univ, wellknown for many issues of copyright law, is mentoring the group.

The interview started out from questions regarding to iCommons then moved to many aspect of Creative Commons and its project happening in various countries.

I actually did an interview with Larry in Dec last year for same magazine. It was a week before the official launch of Creative Commons and was probably the first introduction of CC to Japan. I am glad seeing it is making a progress.


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