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January 03, 2004

The Last CyberWire Dispatch

The end of 2003 came with a little melancholic news to me. It was a forward of the last CyberWire Dispatch came into my inbox. "And so, finally, really, I'm not kidding... Meeks out..." as he wrote.

It was some time in 1993 when I read the Cyberwire Dispatch for the first time, I was fascinated, definitely. As many know that, it wasn't named as CWD at the time. But it was CyberWire Dispatch that made me decided to get into journalistic field in cyberspace. Without reading that CWD, I'm not here now.

Cyberwire Dispatch brought me an example of what an independent journalist could do online. It was a proof of online journalism could make a difference.

I must confess that Brock Meeks was one of my star journalist at the time. When someone introduced me Brock at one of Computers Freedom & Privacy conferences, I became uptight and could not speak well about what I was on. When Wired Japan magazine printed translation of Brock's news article and my article in the same page, I felt I was honored.

It had a great run, Brock. I miss CWD. But probably I'm missing it as a part of early days of the Internet I spent my time with. Now things are up to us. So let's move on to the next level. As someone said, an ending is a beginning...


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