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January 24, 2009

Formula of hit songs

BBC has a series of documentary called "Seven Ages of Rock" It is an overview of rock music scene from 1963 to 2007. Watching this program probably makes you analytical and I suddenly had a view of the formula of hit songs.

#1 comfort of similarity to ordinary life
#2 represented realization of inner desire
#3 sympathy for your existence and inner feeling of isolation, alienation, and frustration in life

When life filled with uncertainity #2 looks attractive. This can be broken down to...
 #2A miraculous glamorous life
 #2B destructive thug life

Here are some examples (sorry about old references) :
#1: John Denver, Bananarama
#2A: Motley Crue
#2B: many gangsta raps
#3: Metallica, Nirvarna

Now I am wondering same formula can be used to make hit content in other type of media....


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This formula is really good. I am going to direct a song and i think this formula is very helpful for me.

I have my Pizzicato Five hat on as I say: very cool breakdown, Gohsuke-san :-)

Bananarama! Hahaha, I love that one. The formula definitely looks interesting, thats for sure.

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